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Death Sprites

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Death Sprites

Post by bakedbean on Tue Jul 29, 2014 10:09 pm

I did not make these sprites. And have been around since 2001. They're updated death sprites for your client side. May not show on all maps.
You may have to replace hud.txt so please back up your sprite folder.

Download link: #!jZZSTbzZ!PgF8G6O3CRSU-Vx8S2Y_5ffmaIah3rCZ60j0dgWew78

"Death Message" refers to the stuff that scrolls
up the top right corner of your screen, showing
who killed who with what. This will add death
icons to replace the skull and crossbones shown
for the more exotic deaths.

To use this addon, unzip the included files into:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life\tfc\sprites

If you do not have this directory, create it.

General Deaths Included:

- Detpacks
  Icon looks like a detpack

- Infection Kills
  Icon is the Biohazard symbol

- Respawn Turrets and Miniturrets
  Icon looks like a turret

- Dispensers
  Looks like a dispenser

- Worldspawn (Drowning/Falling Deaths)
  Icon is an O2 symbol and an arrow pointing
  at a fixed surface

- Lasers/Beams
  Looks like the symbol off of a laser warning

- Doors/Elevators
  Picture of a door and a plat with arrows
  pointing up to make it more obvious what
  it is

- Fans
  Looks like a fan

- Mortars and Tankmortars
  A little explosion lookin' thing

- User-controlled Gun Turrets
  Picture of an emplaced machine gun

- Xen Trees (those things that whip you)
  Loox like a Xen tree


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