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Creating a Custom Spray

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Creating a Custom Spray

Post by M0N3Y on Thu Sep 13, 2012 9:20 pm

These days, custom spray are very common on most of the Half-Life mods!

Whenever you want to say "PWNED!!!" or "Shoutout to =BB=", sprays allow you to express emotions and messages.

The only problem is... How on earth do you create custom sprays?!

Here are the steps on creating your custom spray:

Choose a resolution
All Half-Life sprays must respect a resolution. In Half-Life, your spray's resolution must be dividable by 16 and the total pixel count must not exceed 10752 pixels. Here is a little table of common resolutions that you can use if you don't want to do the math:




Create your spray
By using your favorite photo editing sotware, create your spray. Make sure that the resolution you use is subject to the guidelines and that you use 16-bit color. After editing, save your file as a 16-bit bitmap (BMP).

Install and use Wally
For creating the actual spray file, we need to use an application called Wally! You first have to download Wally.
Click here to download Wally.

When Wally is installed, open it. This will create a folder on your C drive, by default. Wally doesn’t put a shortcut on your desktop or place itself where you can get to it through your start button. So, to make it easier to access, after you’ve unzipped it, navigate to the Wally©️ folder and find the wally.exe file and create a shortcut on your desktop.

Go to the Wizard menu and select the HL Color Decal option:

When the wizard appears, select 1. File on HardDrive radio option and then click the 2. browse button to browse for your BMP file that you created earlier. You can ignore the "Half-Life" folder option:

Click the OK button.

Save the WAD file
When you click OK on the wizard, the following window will appear:

You now only have to save this WAD file! Go ahead and go to the File menu and click Save As:

On the save dialog, select a folder in which you would like to save the file in (your Desktop is fine). Do not save it into your game folder right away, we want to save it somewhere else first so that we would have a backup if something happens.

Copy the file into your game folder
Now that you've saved the pldecal.wad file into some temporary folder, we need to place it into the game folder so that it works. For this, we need to know where to place it. In short, here's where you place it:
\Steam\steamapps\*userid*\team fortress classic\tfc

In addition to that, you need to create a second file called tempdecal.wad to create it, simply copy and paste your pldecal.wad file and rename the new one to tempdecal.wad.

"Lock" the files
Originally, when you would go to the options menu and change something, your spray will reset to the default one. To prevent this from happening, you need to assign Read-Only options to your two spray files.

o Select the spray files and right-click on them.
o In the popup menu, choose the Properties item
o In the properties window, check the box that's next to Read-Only
o Click OK

Enjoy your new spray!
You've finally made it. Go to the Bot Busters Crematorium Server and test out your spray! woot

Credit for write up goes to Paulius Gedrikas @

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Re: Creating a Custom Spray

Post by Bruno29625 on Thu Sep 13, 2012 11:48 pm

VERY NICE instructions ..... thanks for the help

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